The Open Application Network

Solving the unintended consequences of platform economies.

What Are Open Apps?

The OAN is a public infrastructure that creates a new design space for Open Applications. Open Apps are programs that put users back in control and are universally accessible across online platforms. Later this year, The OAN will be launching its flagship Open App, Moves – a mobile app designed to support the ongoing progress and social mobility of gig workers.

See Examples Why Open Apps?

Fast-Track Your Development With Open Kits

Open Kits are APIs, templates, and documentation to accelerate the creation of your Open App.

Build Powerful Incentives, No Matter the Objective.

Create your own micro-economy. Whether you’re building the next Air Miles or rewarding your fans on YouTube, you can create, reward, and share across platforms.

Give a Voice to Any Ecosystem.

Create a simple voting mechanism for any stakeholder to make any decisions whether it’s coordinating a digital union or picking the theme for your next holiday party.

Curious What You Can Build?

We love whiteboarding sessions and thinking about the art of the possible.

Pooled Funding for Shared Objectives.

Crowd-source funding for common needs across your ecosystem. Imagine pooling funds for gig economy workers’ health insurance or supporting a young entrepreneur.

Your Sharable Digital Reputation

Add a digital reputation to your app that can be leveraged by other apps. Why should your reputation from ridesharing not be used for ordering food or booking a weekend getaway?

Custom Kits

Our kits make starting out easy. But if you want to start fresh, let us show you how to build Custom Kits.

Curious What You Can Build?

We love whiteboarding sessions and thinking about the art of the possible.

Open App Examples

Featured Open Apps

Take a look at how these companies and products leverage Open Apps to build new breakthrough experiences.


Velocia is a mobility rewards Open App that encourages users to get out of single-occupant vehicles. It partners with public transit and mobility partners to reward users for using alternative transportation options.

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Bullet ID

Bullet ID uses laser engraving to write barcodes on individual bullets with an Open App for real time tracking. This addresses the costly risks with the shipping and storing of ammunition by governments.

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Vivopago is an Open App that helps the unbanked get access to the new digital economy by radically improving the way advertising, brand engagement and content delivery is done today.

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BFIT is an Open App that promotes healthy lifestyles and rewards users for being active. It uses Open Economy to connect Google Fit users with restaurants and 3rd party fitness and diet apps.


GitRewards is an Open App that allows you to create rewards programs to encourage employee behavior. It connects with GitHub to reward employees for their technical contributions in exchange for office perks.